We are pilots and we live for flying

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Who are we?

We are pilots and we live to fly. This passion is why we build the light sport aircraft we love for the superior performance and unique technology. But not only that! For us, flying is a journey of discovery and extraordinary travel experiences. Beyond that, we enjoy the sport of flying at fascinating speeds, but at the same time, we are committed to maximizing safety when flying with our loved ones.


No fear of the impossible

Through continuous agile development and cutting-edge work, we strive for excellence in all aviation products and services. We are not afraid of the impossible; we follow global trends in aviation and bring our unique innovations to the aviation industry. Our art and knowledge are then happily used by the whole world.


Values of ellipse aero

We believe in aerodynamics to the core. The elliptical wing and the entire airplane – this shape is omnipresent in our company. Likewise, the use of kevlar and aramid fibres in the construction define the quality of all the aircraft parameters.

You are safe with us. We love the experiences, but certainly not at the price of risk. That's why we keep your safety in mind, and our elliptical wings with unique aerodynamic slots make the plane a safe machine with a wide range of speeds.

Innovation is our DNA

Ellipse light sport aircraft are constantly innovating, and any innovations are immediately transferred to production after testing and certification. So each new aircraft is a hair "better" than the last. We have now focused on the TOP 10 most needed innovations, both from the point of view of our customer pilots and from the internal needs to go further and further towards better shapes, higher parameters, better ergonomics, etc. We will soon introduce most of the changes to the aircraft. You have a lot to look forward to!


Environment awareness is a natural part of who we are

Carbon is undoubtedly the material of the 21st century. Not only because of its unique technical characteristics but mainly because it has replaced the traditional ailments of lamination from 50 years ago. All aircraft parts are laminated here using vacuum, and the use of proprietary resins is minimised. We produce the actual shell of a 120 kg airplane with almost no sanding using a 1:1 resin to fabric ratio. The suppliers of ellipse aero already keep in mind the closed production cycle of the plane itself and do not work with chemicals or environmentally burdensome fabrics without recycling options. Taking care of our colleagues in the production areas, the areas where we manufacture, and the global climate is a fundamental and natural part of our business, which is why we have confirmed our commitment to sustainability and the environment by obtaining ISO 14001 certification.


Carbon and lamination

Carbon is a modern material that is slowly becoming the basis for further development in the 21st century. It has become the basis for ellipse mainly because of its mechanical properties, but we must work with materials that can be recycled and reused.



Airplane fibres and resins are already produced by our suppliers to meet the highest environmental standards and can all be recycled. The closed loop cycle production is important to us and forms an important part of our culture.



We work in a clean environment. Our work is safe, clean and we are always looking for new technologies that will lead to even cleaner and more modern production of ultralight planes. Environment awareness is a natural part of who we are.

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