Česká spořitelna: Entrepreneurs, you got our respect and support

23. August 2021

Although it doesn't seem like it to most of us, who mostly move on roads, the Czech Republic is an ultralight superpower. It boasts a very dense network of airports, and the Czech Amateur Aviation Association is one of the largest in Europe. The more than a century-old local tradition of aviation and aeronautical engineering, which dates back to the very beginnings of Czechoslovakia, continues in Albrechtice, North Moravia, where unique ultralight aircraft of elliptical shape is created in terms of construction and design.

There are many manufacturing companies, but the planes indeed cannot be described as an everyday product. Therefore, it is not surprising that the story of ellipse aero was born out of a hobby or a massive passion for aviation. The path to the life and business dream of ellipse aero founder Martin Nemec began at 16 when he started flying gliders. "Later, I started flying ultralights as well, but it was my work on the ellipse spirit that brought a hobby and a real profession together," recalls the company's spiritual father about the beginnings of his career as a professional ultralight manufacturer. Approximately 10 years ago, his first ultralight elliptical wing aircraft saw the light of day, on which he collaborated with aerodynamic experts, designers, structural calculation specialists and many others.

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