Gordon Euller's experience with ellipse aircraft

14. August 2021

Gordon Euller has been a pilot for most of his life. He started flying in San Francisco fifty years ago, and has flown a wide variety of aircraft, from single-engine piston to turbine planes.

Gordon Euller owned and operated an aviation company in Marin County that offered a complete range of services, flight school, aircraft sales, maintenance, fuel, charter services and regular freight service. The company operated more than forty aircraft.

Gordon sold the last plane he flew in the US (TBM C2), and two years ago, when he returned to Europe looking for a new adventure in aviation. He finally chose an Ellipse RG with a new 915 iS engine. Gordon was surprised by the performance of this aircraft and is looking forward to flying it all over Europe in the coming years.

"I don't value experiences by price, but by their quality. But I didn't expect so much fun at such a good price," says Gordon of his RG ellipse with Rotax 915 iS.