Introducing online plane configurator

02. March 2022

We work hard to launch an interactive online configurator for new ultralight aircraft at ellipse aero. The future ellipse pilot or a fan can configure their dream machine in twelve steps.

The new ellipse aircraft configurator and the web are essential elements of the emerging ecosystem of services around the ellipse aero brand. And it won't stop there, but more on that sometime in the following newsletter.

The configurator will start by offering you to create a custom setup to suit your needs. If you prefer the best practice solution, the system will provide you with the three pre-configured options (sport, touring and club version).

The custom configuration guides you in twelve steps. You design the plane yourself, from specifying the aircraft colour to selecting the landing gear, engine, propeller and additional equipment and services. The steps and options always show a specific equipment item, photo, and detailed description. You will get all the information you want about a particular piece of equipment, including our recommendation.

Realistic 360-degree view

A realistic 360-degree view of the aircraft is displayed throughout the configuration process across the left half of the screen. It can be rotated both exterior and interior. The aircraft equipment is immediately displayed on the configured aircraft when the mouse hovers over, allowing you to virtually visualise the feature or modification.

The configurator enables a preview of the zoomed aircraft, displaying the configured aircraft on full screen for detail lovers. Of course, the entire application automatically checks the individual equipment links to the configured aircraft. If incompatible equipment is selected, it immediately informs you and suggests a solution.

The configuration of each aircraft ends with an overview of the entire equipment, where you can send a request for the plane you have specified, including the selected plane, to our dealers. Alternatively, the configuration can be saved for later editing or sharing among friends or, for example, the aviation community.

We look forward to seeing your configurations!