Who produced your plane

19. October 2022

We are unveiling the details of how our ellipse is made and how we think about the aircraft to provide you, our pilots, with a unique experience. And production would simply not work without management. Production is led by Martin Filák and Simona Poloková.

Martin Filák

He was born in the country's industrial centre and has been interested in all means of transport since he was a child. Initially, he took up road transportation and studied this field at university, paving the way to his dream childhood profession - automotive engineering.

Although childhood dreams change, the petrol smell from motorbikes and vintage cars still follows him in his spare time. Activities associated with two, three and four-wheeled vehicles are complemented with new experiences in managing the production of UL ellipse aircraft, which also brought him into the cockpit as a pilot. 

Martin plans, supervises, and participates in the production design and has inspected each aircraft for technology, quality, and production logistics and coordination.

Simona Poloková

She was born in a picturesque Beskydy village, had machines and technology in her blood from a young age. She didn't play with dolls and took over her passion for machines from her father, with whom she had been repairing various machines since she was a child. And there began her desire to understand how technology and machines work.

She was among the few women to graduate from a technical university with a degree in mechanical engineering. She completed a further master's degree to broaden her knowledge of management and her technical outlook and thinking. 

Simona plans production, monitors every step and records production procedures in an airworthy, trackable and recordable manner. Your ellipse is tracked and planned down to the last step by Simona's production systems set up, checked and filled