Configurator of ellipse ultralight aircraft is here!

31. May 2022

As we promised in March this year, it is done! We launched an interactive online configurator for your new ellipse ultralight aircraft. The main function of the configurator is to guide the new or existing pilots through all the options of the ellipse aircraft. This is done simply, with all the information and a visualization of the configured aircraft. The link to the configurator itself can be found in the main menu or simply here.

Introduction of the plane configurator

After entering the configurator, you have two options on how to proceed. The first option is to decide on a custom configuration for your new plane. Here you go through thirteen sections and the way you configure your aircraft is entirely up to you. The second option is a trio of our pre-configured and recommended options. Here you can get inspired on how we - pilots in ellipse - see the best option for sport, travel, or club aircrafts.

Step by step configuration

In the first step you choose the aircraft color, in the next steps you choose the landing gear, engine, propeller, lights, canopy, avionics, autopilot, controls, safety features, options, extension services and we end with the included parts which is equally rich for each ellipse.

Selecting a specific item is done in the right menu by simply clicking on the specific item. The configurator automatically visualizes a realistic view of your configured aircraft as per your choice.

The preview can be rotated in 360 degrees using a pair of arrows (left and right), which you will find located below the preview visualization. From any angle, the aircraft preview can be enlarged to full screen using the icon in the right corner. You won't miss any detail of your configuration.

Each configuration item has an option to display more information. Once clicked, a pop-up panel appears to the left side and provides detailed description of the specific option, including further visualization of the specific item you are selecting.

If you are satisfied with your choice, just click the confirm button and the configurator will take you to the next step. In this particular case, the gear selection. In this way, you go through the items step by step and the confirmed ones are marked with a red check box.

Excluded combinations

Not every combination is approved by the manufacturer or is technically possible. Therefore, the configurator is prepared for this situation. For example, if you select the most powerful engine from Rotax 915 iS, in the next step where you select the propeller, the configurator informs you that it is not possible to select any other propeller besides the three-bladed MTV 34-1-A propeller. At the same time, the configurator will show you the reason why a particular item cannot be selected.

If you still insist on the choice, the configurator displays a warning and suggests two options. Keep the previous configuration unchanged or delete the specific item. After removing the conflicting item, it is necessary to repeat the specific step in which it was selected.

Summary – save, share or buy

If all steps are completed and confirmed, it is possible to view a summary of the entire configuration or go back to any step. Below the summary, it is possible to save the configuration for possible later editing or sharing among friends or to send the configuration for price inquiry. After submitting your inquiry, your configuration will be received by our sales department who will contact you promptly with a quote for price, other requested information, or a tour of the production or demo flight.

We look forward to receiving your configurations and sharing them across the aviation community.