FAQ part 3: How to choose the best ultralight plane

17. August 2022

What plane should I choose? Well, this is the crucial question for anyone considering the option to become a proud owner of an ultralight plane. As we still consider ourselves pilots, we had to ask ourselves the same question some time ago. So, let us go for some questions that helped us solve the tricky dilemma and might also help you.

Do you plan to fly distances?

Yes, great then; it might be worth considering our plane’s RG (retractable gear) version. Retractable gear and the performance is noticeable in higher altitudes, which will pay back in longer distances.

The plane will be:

  • Faster by 15 to 20 km above 6000 or 7 000 feet ALT.
  • Heavier – probably by 15 to 18 kilograms – depending on additional avionics and options selected, which brings stability and allows you to efficiently fly in turbulent summer conditions comfortably.

When planning for this option, the extra weight might require extra horsepower. So, why don't you consider ROTAX 914 or ROTAX 915 iS?

Do you need a universal plane?

From time to time, we all do some kind of short flight, just in the vicinity of your home base. You would mostly appreciate a fixed gear plane (FG), probably ROTAX 912 iS, for its economy and PRIMIS as an instrument panel for all your needs.

Of course, you can take the plane on a European, long run expedition; you will not be disqualified by the lack of speed to the extent which might not be comfortable for you. For your extra comfort, you might consider Kanardia AP for PRIMIS or SECUNDO, which will bring more comfort to your flying when you have to communicate with foreign ATCs and focus on navigation.

Are you a club representative, run a school or rent a plane facility?

Then our advice is simple – oldies goldies – RG, PRIMIS and ROTAX 100 HP for seamless operations. Even and fixed pitch propeller – eProps will do. It will bring a lot of safety and simplicity, which is so much needed if running a school, and the learning curve for your students is a priority for you.

All the options will provide with ellipse, which will be:

  • Fast,
  • Economical,
  • Comfortable,
  • Safe,
  • Fun to fly.

So, what is your new configuration?