New instrument panels

02. March 2022

Along with the launch of the new configurator, just see the details in another article, we have prepared and standardized the instruments panels for ellipse. And how did we think about the new dashboard layout designs?

PRIMIS for the lovers of simplicity

First and foremost, we think of the lovers of simplicity, and they will find in our offer a dashboard called PRIMIS, which is based on the analogue standards in a modern KANARDIA concept. It is specially designed for lovers of minimalism, clubs or anyone who believes that a dashboard without a round alarm clock is not the right thing.

Even this configuration can be expanded with an autopilot, offers space for dedicated navigation (GARMIN 760) and has enough space for the now popular flying with navigation systems on a tablet.

The PRIMIS is, therefore, a simple arrangement, but the possibility of combining it with navigation and autopilot makes it a full-fledged machine for long journeys.

Two glass cockpits in SECONDO

If this solution does not suit you, we offer SECONDO. Here you will find two glass cockpits. The autopilot can again be added and a tablet can be counted to the set-up. Alternatively, one glass cockpit can be removed to have an installation with only one glass cockpit. This installation is based on Kanardia's NESIS III kit, and in the maximalist version on the master and slave configurations.

This setup is suitable for all demanding pilots looking for a lightweight, simple solution with maximum control comfort.


And we think similarly for the solution based on GARMIN G3X (TERTIUS). Again, it is possible to have one PFD, or versions of PFD 1 and PFD2 together with autopilot or control without autopilot. And even this space-intensive configuration has the option of adding tables, for example with the compatible GARMIN PILOT application.

This version is sure to appeal to lovers of the classics that GARMIN undoubtedly is.

All of our dashboards always have the same two basic sections - the motor control and the fuse section. In the motor switches section on the left, we always and on all dashboards find the engine start, magneto or LANE A and B for injection motors. So you choose any motor, the layout will always follow the same logic and will only differ then control buttons and switches.

Then on the right side we have the fuses to keep the dashboard organization simple and clear. This is also where we install the ELT instrument panel.

So, you just have to choose.