FAQ part 4: Sidestick or classical stick

07. November 2022

Do you remember the debates between AIRBUS and BOEING pilots? Those who love the traditional stick/yoke and prefer the modern fly-by-wire system? And as always, they are both right. Some like it hot, some not!

In ellipse, we prefer configurations with a sidestick. You can use the armrest for easy and comfortable control of the plane. The plane also uses aileron trims, making the control easy and responsive.

You can have the sidestick for fixed gear and retractable gear configurations. We have almost no limit.

The main advantages of the sidestick are:

  • easy entering the cockpit
  • comfortable control of the plane thanks to the integrated armrest
  • when using NESIS III, the pilot can control almost all the instruments by the multifunctional head of the stick

But we do understand the traditional schools and flying experts who believe the pilot needs the stick to control the plane and that sidestick is not adequate. Well, we have it. We also offer traditional sticks for aeroplanes with fixed gear.

The main advantages of the classical stick are:

  • traditional solution
  • fast type certificate as pilots are used to the system

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